The designer of contemporary fashion, the master of silk fabric – who has recently launched the menswear line – Xuân Lê was graduated from Fashion Design Department of Hanoi University of Arts and Industrial Design. Her passion for sketching, for colour plays has made herself possible for founding the brand in 2001. The house at 176 Triệu Việt Vương, Hà Nội is, now, the place in which Xuân Lê realizes her dreams of creativity and passion and inspires to her guests.

Being affected by the romantic signature style of Paris and the discreet beauty of Orientation, the language of designing of Xuân Lê signifies luxury and is absorbed with romance and elegance. By combining modern cutting techniques with traditional sewing and embroidering ones, Xuan Le – the brand – injects in each design the beauty of dynamicity, activeness and gorgeousity.

To the brand, each design is considered a masterpiece which is bespoken and made to order to a specific client. Each item is required to be made and finished wholely by hand and often takes weeks to complete. It is true that any pieces of Xuan Le is a piece of contemporary design, high-end and fine fabric which can only be achieved by the co-operation of designing team and tailoring ones.

Xuan Le is proud to be the choice to do photo shoot collection of these hereinafter magazines Dep, Heritage, Style, Hang Hieu.

The designer herself, Mrs. Xuan Le has ever said: “When you are in Xuan Le costumes, you are your real persone. The high creativeness, freedom orientation, coolness and indiviuality of peole who are dressed in Xuan Le costumes are factors which are believed to be highly appreciated by the brand. And this explains for Xuan Le’s success.”